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Petra Kis-Herczegh

Independent Solutions Consultant

Providing sustainable solutions to SaaS and eCommerce businesses with a people-first approach



From startup to scale-up, or maintaining steady and sustainable growth as a well-established business, a successful strategy has to start with people.

Speaker Coaching

Conferences, podcasts, and webinars are a great way to share your expertise with a wide audience, build trust in your brand and provide people in your teams an opportunity to develop new skills. I work with teams to help them develop their skills in public speaking and presenting.

Growth Strategy

Achieve sustainable growth by understanding and solving the core challenges of your business. I work with SaaS and eCommerce companies to uncover inefficiencies in processes, gaps in training and skills, and relaying customer feedback and product onboarding and adoption into actionable insights and solutions.

Emotional Intelligence

A great product is essential for any business, but building, improving, selling and managing the product and looking after its customers requires people. Emotional intelligence is core to success . I work with companies to help integrate EI practices into the day-to-day of the corporate culture.


A regular speaker at international industry events. Topics include; developing strategy and getting buy-in, emotional intelligence, AI and SEO. 


In the age of AI, there is a rising demand for strong emotional intelligence (EI) across all levels of business.


Challenges and learnings SEOs face when getting buy-in from leadership.


Challenges and learnings SEOs face when getting buy-in from leadership.

Freelance author in topics including SEO, SaaS Consulting, emotional intelligence in business and public speaking and presentation skills. 

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